Intensive Spanish 10 hrs/week

This is an advisable choice in case you have a limited daily schedule but still are able to attend lessons from Monday to Friday in order to progress at a regular and consistent pace. Two hours a day is an excellent way to learn Spanish and also be able to mind your other daily activities. If you have a tight agenda, we strongly recommend this course.

Course Features

10 hrs/week

2 hrs/class

Monday to Friday

Schedules: morning, afternoon or evening

For all levels

5 students per group

Course Progress

At Metrocultura you can learn up to 15% faster than in other Spanish schools thanks to our small group methodology (up to five students per class). High interaction in class with your teacher and classmates is the key to assimilating the content and improving your fluency.

Beginner Level

A1.1 ► 2 weeks
A1.2 ► 2 weeks
A1.3 ► 2 weeks

A2.1 ► 2 weeks
A2.2 ► 2 weeks
A2.3 ► 2 weeks

Intermediate Level

B1.1 ► 3.5 weeks
B1.2 ► 3.5 weeks
B1.3 ► 3.5 weeks

B2.1 ► 5 weeks
B2.2 ► 5 weeks
B2.3 ► 5 weeks

Advanced level

C1.1 ► 7 weeks
C1.2 ► 7 weeks
C1.3 ► 7 weeks

C2.1 ► 7.5 weeks
C2.2 ► 7.5 weeks
C2.3 ► 7.5 weeks


Metrocultura offers up to 15% discount on intensive courses to students who study from four continuous weeks onwards.

5% off

studying for

10% off

studying for
8-11 WEEKS

15% off

studying for

Course fees

Online Course

From 59€ per week

138€ / 2 weeks
262€ / 4 weeks
497€ / 8 weeks
704€ / 12 weeks

Face-to-face Course

From 76€ per week

178€ / 2 weeks
338€ / 4 weeks
641€ / 8 weeks
908€ / 12 weeks

Enrolment fee & class materials

Metrocultura will not charge you for expensive textbooks like many other schools. All the class material and registration are included in a one-time enrollment fee (15€ for online lessons and 29€ for face-to-face lessons). Moreover, former students will be exempt regardless of the elapsed time since their last course.

What does this course include?

Groups of 5 students

Communicative approach

Class material

Missed lessons recovery

Final recognition of level

Advice on NIE & student visa


+ When can I start?

- The start dates may vary during the year. You can contact us and we'll be promptly letting you know the next start date for according your level and timing preferences.

+ Can I enroll in an on-going course?

- Yes, as long as your level matches that of the group.

+ When does the course finish?

- Before you start, you can decide how many weeks or months you want to study. Once this period is over, you can renew and continue as long as you want. You set the limits!

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