The Spanish Conversation Programme

If you already know some Spanish, you can join our conversational classes in a chill workspace cafe in the centre of Barcelona. Our programme is open to students having from A2 level onwards. As usual, we look for increasing your interaction by keeping small groups of five students, led by a qualified native instructor. You'll be carrying out a wide range of fun speaking activities, focused on improving your fluency and making you gain confidence. At the end of your course, you can request your certificate where you'll find the level reached, the course dates and the hours completed.

Course Features

2.5 hrs/week

1 hour 15 min per class

Twice per week

Schedules: morning, afternoon or evening

From A2 onwards

5 students per group

Casual atmosphere

The space where your conversation classes take place can also be important. We've picked a few centric charming cafes in Barcelona that ensure a suitable chill atmosphere for the lessons. Learning in a cafe is fun, it's enjoyable, you create closer links with your classmates and teacher, and most important of all, it works.

Engaging activities

Our conversational methodology is based on varied but recurring activities that motivate student interaction. For instance, the instructors may conduct the lessons around opinion exchange on current topics, short presentations about subjects chosen by the students, team debates about pros and cons, or conversational games. Always taking into account the level of the group and its needs for improvement.

Frequent errors follow-up

This course also offers consistent monitoring of the conversation carried out by the students. Your teacher will be in charge of listing the most common errors heard in each class. In the final minutes, he will comment on some of these errors to be aware of them and avoid them in the future.

Grammar support

Spanish at Cafe is a highly conversational course, but grammatical structures are still a frame of reference for oral expression. Therefore, at the end of class, the teacher may suggest homework exercises according to the needs of the students and whenever they are interested.

Course fees

Face-to-face Course

85€ / 1 month
170€ / 2 months
255€ / 3 months
340€ / 4 months
425€ / 5 months
510€ / 6 months

Enrolment fee & class materials

All the class materials and the registration are included in a one-time enrollment fee (29€). Moreover, former students will be exempt regardless of the elapsed time since their last course.

What does this course include?

Groups of 5 students

Speaking programme

Material for activities

Missed lessons recovery

Final recognition of level

Advice on NIE & student visa


+ Do I need to buy any class material?

- No, all the learning material is included in the enrolment fee.

+ Do I get any recognition at the end of my course?

- Yes. You can request a Spanish certificate at the end of your course. This will include the level reached, the hours completed and the dates of your course.

+ Can I really make up for a missed lesson?

- Yes. Many students have work-related commitments and need to travel. That is why it is possible to make up for missed lessons or change your lessons schedule (according to availability).

Spanish Conversation Lessons
Spanish Conversation Lessons