About “jugar” and “hacer”

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Have you ever realized that we use the verb “jugar” (play) related just to ball sports? Some examples below:

“Me gusta jugar a:

  • fútbol, tenis, baloncesto (basketball), ping pong, balonmano (handball), vóleibol, bolos (bowling), golf”

On the other hand, we use the verb “hacer” (do) or “practicar” (practice) for other sports and physical activities not involving a ball:

“Me gusta hacer:

  • surf, yoga, natación (swimming), ciclismo (cycling), boxeo (boxing), remo (rowing)”.

Well, I’m not an English native speaker but I guess it’s kind of similar in English too, isn’t it? How about other languages that you know?

Keep calm & keep learning Spanish!

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