11 February, 2016



  • Metrocultura SL (hereafter called the school) accepts no liability arising from accidents, injury, property loss, damage or theft that may occur to the student in the school premises or outside during the student's course.


  • All students are required to respect the school staff and all other students.
  • All students are required to attend classes and notify the school in case of absence.


  • A teaching hour is equivalent to 55 minutes.
  • The school is closed on local and national public holidays. These lessons may be retrieved according to availability.
  • Classes that are missed due to a student's absence may be retrieved according to school's availability as follows: 1 class per week for the Intensive courses; 1 class per month for the extensive courses; 1 class per month for the private courses in case the student previously notifies the school 4 hours (min.) before the lesson.


  • All the school courses are provided according to availability.
  • The school reserves the right to cancel or modify the structure and schedule of any course due to organizational needs.
  • When there is less than the minimum number of students in a group class (set at 4), the course will be considered private an therefore the number of course lessons might be reduced proportionally according to the following terms: 2-3 students (75% of booked lessons might be provided), 1 student (65% of booked lessons might be provided).


  • The school reserves the right to cancel the student's course for non-payment.
  • The school reserves the right to cancel a course without any kind of compensation when a student keeps inappropriate behavior in the school premises that obstructs academic formation or is found to be in breach of the school's code of conduct.
  • All students must report a course cancellation request 15 days before the start of the course for a full refund of the deposit paid. Otherwise the school reserves the right to refund only 50% of the deposit paid by the student and retain the remaining 50% for administrative costs.


  • The total or partial reproduction of the didactic materials used by the school is prohibited by copyright law.


  • Upon signing the student enrollment form or paying the deposit, the student accepts all the terms and conditions as above.