19 August, 2017


An adventure to remember


Trips abroad are one of the most enriching and stimulating experiences of our lives. We have more than 30 years organized educational trips for young travelers and teachers who will to discover Barcelona, a city full of life, culture and leisure, located in a top spot of the Spanish coast with a pleasant weather. The MetroCultura crew is pleased to offer all of their expertise to help you custom the specific stay you are looking for and make it a memorable experience.

Scope and benefits


We cover the necessary aspects to make your trip exciting and fulfilling. As a Spanish language center we provide Spanish lessons (either in our school premises or outdoors), homestay accommodation collaborating with local families of proven experience, engaging cultural programs, as well as coordination and support 24/7 during the stay.

The spirit


We intend to help each pupil develop new linguistic skills by coming into direct touch with new native Spanish teachers in a new exciting country. Through our communicative immersion program, they will also learn about Spanish and Catalan culture first hand, which means finding new interests and concerns, as well as increasing their self-confidence to interact in everyday situations in shops, markets and several other places. We also expect them to fulfill a remarkable experience, which will bring them a new cultural and linguistic approach about our society for the future.

The Spanish lessons

We provide custom Spanish learning for every specific need. Even for large School groups, we divide the students into several classrooms in order to have a higher interaction between students and teachers. All the lessons are lead by our native, qualified, experienced teaching team, either within our school premises or outdoors (according to your preferences). Our team not only performs highly engaging lessons but also keeps an eye on the weak points of every student in order to later provide them with specific tools or exercises with which to strengthen their skills. Regarding our educational immersion programme, we use a deeply communicative approach that will allow you to get steeped in both language and local culture from your very first lesson. Our classes are also structured under the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages and observe the recommendations set by the Cervantes Institute.



We are pleased to make you feel at home in Barcelona. Whether for a short period or a long stay, we provide comfort and secure accommodation located within a few minutes from the school and the city centre. The Homestay is the best approach to taste the local lifestyle. The students may share double or triple rooms while the teachers may stay in a single room (either sharing the apartment with other teachers or with the students). The hosts have been accurately selected and have long been trusted, local families. The housing includes Wi-Fi, keys, bedding and access to common areas, as well as meals under request.

The cultural program


Barcelona has many remarkable places and great monuments which are included in the most popular guides and routes. We not also schedule fully customizable itineraries to the major places of interest, but also take a different approach by letting you know about local feasts, emblematic spots and hidden corners full of history, culture, and life. All of it involves a real contact to the heart and soul of our city! We also handle under request the logistics related to transportation (wether public or private) within Barcelona and nearby tourist towns, and the airport transfers.